Parcs régional des grèves

October 8, 2020. Note: As the park is now in the red zone, organized activities are prohibited. The park’s trails remain accessible. However, the services offered on site are limited. Social distancing and respiratory hygiene measures are still advocated for the safety of all.

A surprising biodiversity


The Park is home to an extraordinary biodiversity, including trees of very varied ages and species. There is, among other things, one of the rare pine woodlands still intact, containing more than 360 species of mushrooms, 29 of which are considered rare. The Park is also home to 15 wetlands, featuring 79 species of birds, ten species of anurans, salamanders and reptiles and over 260 species of flowers.

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There are also species that are usually found in the boreal forest of northern Quebec. The following plant species are established there: Savoyana, Labrador tea, pitcher plant (insectivorous plant) and the little preacher. The black-backed woodpecker has also settled there. The site has preserved, until now, a certain ecological integrity that we are committed to safeguarding for future generations.

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